About Juliet

Juliet Shield has had 30 years’ experience of owning and managing successful cutting-edge restaurants and award-winning sandwich cafes. All enterprises were built from scratch and sold on profitably.

Because she has actually owned businesses, this sets her apart from many restaurant and food consultants from a marketing background. She understands completely what it is like to be on the client’s side of the fence.

Throughout her business career, Juliet has avidly researched trends throughout the world, making her own stylish mix in whatever she has created. But never at the expense of profit.

In the nineties, ITN at 200 Gray’s Inn Road needed an overhaul of the catering in the media building. Juliet recruited Aroma Cafes, a then innovative and vibrant café chain in London, to operate a more upmarket high street offering.

She was a resident operator in the Tate Gallery organisation for 10 years, and therefore understands how to make the relationship between cafe/restaurant and gallery owner work effectively. And indeed any organisation where the catering is ancillary to the main enterprise.

Since 2007 Juliet has operated full time as a consultant based in central London, and also works in Paris from time to time. Her clients range from start-ups, be it cafés, restaurants or food producers, to larger companies and institutions. Each client gets her direct personal attention. She vigorously supports the independent food and drink sector, often as a judge for the Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards.

Juliet is a campaigner for acoustic ceilings in restaurants, so you can hear the music and have a proper conversation.

See her blog for thoughts about the London/Paris restaurant scene, and food in general.