Restaurant consultancy

Why would you need a consultant? You know how you want it all to be. Surely it’s an extra expense which could be better used for buying a cooker? But the point of good experienced advice is to save you money.

Serving the public with food and drink is more complicated and expensive than you probably think; if you get it wrong, it can cost thousands to put right. Or sometimes you don’t need an item at all. In 1997 I spent £8,000 on air conditioning in my smart new cafe fit out in Manchester. When the summer came along, the north facing unit was much nicer simply with ceiling paddle fans and the doors wide open. A complete waste of money on something that was never used.

With the support of an experienced consultant there in the background, I might have saved all that expense.

From the start:

  • Business plan and financial budgeting
  • Advice on location and sourcing the site
  • Advising the client/designer on layout and flow
  • Brand identity and design.
  • Menu development with appointed chef
  • Helping to source suppliers
  • Advice on staff level, selection and training
  • General employment and VAT matters
  • Advice on technology systems
  • Helping to drive activities to opening

And afterwards……

  • Monitoring performance
  • Mentoring

And after that….

  • Expansion
  • Helping to prepare for a sale