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Euphorium and Harris & Hoole at Tesco

Many people have a love-hate attitude towards supermarkets. They can be seen as a massive convenience to which we have succumbed, reducing the tedious process of daily food shopping to…[Read more]

Bruno and his team

Grain Store Kings Cross

The January before last, the restaurant critic AA Gill declared 2012 to be the year of the vegetable. In the event, this prediction did not materialise as it was instead…[Read more]


Balthazar Bakery

The most eagerly awaited opening in the restaurant world this Spring was the second branch in London of Balthazar, Keith McNally’s highly successful New York restaurant. Arguably the doyen of…[Read more]

French goat cheeses in perfect condition

La Fromagerie

It’s too long since I haven’t been (as the French say) to La Fromagerie in Marylebone. Patricia Michelson’s emporium of gastro delights has expanded into next door on Moxon Street…[Read more]

Pineapple decadently lit


Shrimpy’s has been open a couple of months now – a good time to visit after the razmataz has settled. The owners of Bistrotheque, Pablo Flack and David Waddington, are…[Read more]


Coutume Cafe – Paris

In London the influence of Melbourne on the café scene has been strong and prolific for a good five years now. There are enough independent coffee bars with serious guys…[Read more]


The Delaunay Counter

The Delaunay Counter from the Wolseley stable does not look like your average takeaway. There are suited managers to greet on entry, and to talk you through the system, particularly…[Read more]

Coffee and music notes

Notes Music and Coffee

I was stopped in my tracks passing this one in St Martins Lane last week. How had it passed under my radar? There is no shortage of venues in London…[Read more]


A Night at the Opera and Les Deux Salons

A visit to an opera implies a bit of a special occasion, mainly because of the ticket prices.  Putting on the large scale productions, involving orchestra, highly trained singers and…[Read more]

Mouthwatering Beckleberry pastry

Speciality Fine Food Fair 2011

Despite the recession, the Speciality Fine Food Fair, has continued to expand, and this year had the most visitors ever. This is a cheering thought for us all: that quality…[Read more]