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A modern taverna

The Greek Larder

Theodore Kyriakou is an old hand, with great taste in spectacles. He was instrumental in 1999 in introducing Londoners to a world of Greek food away from the standard kebab,…[Read more]

After a long and comfortable lunch...

Brasserie Zedel

It takes guts to open a restaurant in a basement these days, but this is no ordinary basement. The master practitioners of the art of hospitality, Jeremy King and Chris…[Read more]


Nanashi, Paris

Nanashi is so achingly hip, it’s almost painful. But all good for the owner, Lionel Bensemoun, also of Le Baron and La Fidelit√©, who must be relishing the success of…[Read more]

Yorkshire champagne rhubarb rounding it off at the Rotunda

Rotunda at Kings Place

Kings Place is one of the those gems, despite being a stone’s throw from the St Pancras Eurostar terminal, which has not yet fully penetrated London’s consciousness. Peter Millican, a…[Read more]

Expertly executed scallops

l’Hedoniste Paris

It’s not very often I write a negative review; as an ex-restaurateur I know what it’s like to have an off day, and customers are sometimes too quick to judge…[Read more]

The key to the mystery

Pollen Street Social

Many good reviews have been written about Jason Atherton’s restaurant which sits unassumingly in a side street, just off Regent Street. And it recently came second in the National Restaurant…[Read more]

Happiness by London Fields

Happy Kitchen

Perhaps one of the surprising things about the independent restaurant and cafe scene in London is its sense of community. You only have join in the conversation on Twitter to…[Read more]

Hugh Walker and Nick Mead

Eden Caterers

I had been badgered for months by Mike Green of to meet the owners of Eden Catering. I was hesitant: I couldn’t see how I could help them or…[Read more]

Coffee and music notes

Notes Music and Coffee

I was stopped in my tracks passing this one in St Martins Lane last week. How had it passed under my radar? There is no shortage of venues in London…[Read more]


A Night at the Opera and Les Deux Salons

A visit to an opera implies a bit of a special occasion, mainly because of the ticket prices.¬† Putting on the large scale productions, involving orchestra, highly trained singers and…[Read more]