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The beautiful Dana with her argan oil

Speciality Fine Food Fair 2012

The Speciality Fine Food Fair at Olympia heralds the beginning of the Autumn food trade fair season, on the first weekend of September every year. It is too early for…[Read more]


The 10 Cases

A recession throws up all sorts of hubris, and for some reason, in spite of the well documented riskiness, a plethora of restaurant start ups. In London, there have been…[Read more]

Starting out in the restaurant game – 29 May 11

People have definite views about owning restaurants; divided into two camps: those who would never touch one with a bargepole, and others for whom the idea of being le patron…[Read more]

Why do they do it? – 21 Jan 11

To Market, to Market – 23 March 09

So, you’ve lost your job as a high-flying financier; nothing beats retreating to the womb of the home for licking sore wounds: the kitchen. You remember your childhood, and Grandma’s delicious cookies. The possibility…[Read more]