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Moro's baby sister


There are many plus points about living a short walk from Exmouth Market, and the proximity of Morito is surely one of them. The husband and wife team Sam and…[Read more]

Crumbles just out of the oven

Food for the weekend (15) – Blackberry and apple with walnut crumble

Making fruit crumbles is a very English thing, although le crumble is increasingly being seen on Paris restaurants as a chic new pud. I usually bake them in bulk in…[Read more]

Beetroots ready for the oven

Food for the weekend (14) – Baked beetroot with oregano

There are some good small to medium-sized raw beetroots around at the moment. And baking them in the oven brings out all the sweetness and flavour. The only problem is…[Read more]

All stuffed and ready to go

Food for the Weekend (13) – Stuffed Courgettes, Peppers and Tomatoes – Greek Style

There’s nothing trendy about this, but I bet it’s still being cooked in kitchens of the tavernas, on every Greek island, if you’re lucky enough to be there this summer….[Read more]

Just out of the oven

Food for the weekend (13) – Gooseberry and coriander crumble

After a rant on Twitter about the lack of gooseberries this year, some beautiful dessert gooseberries suddenly appeared in Waitrose, although I can’t imagine I had much influence on that!…[Read more]

Healthy and sitting pretty

Food for the weekend (12) – Pear and avocado salad with tahini sauce

In 1987 I contributed to a cookery book with David Scott called the Demi Vegetarian, and this was one of my recipes. I’ve updated the sauce a bit for more…[Read more]


Food for the weekend (11) – Eggah, Tortilla, Frittata…… 24 June 11

Call it what you will: this is a perfect food-for-the-weekend dish. You can make it for Friday evening and serve it warm, and then cut at it for lunches/suppers over…[Read more]


Food for the weekend (10) – Tomato confit – 17 June 11

I’ve never been a great fan of sun-dried tomatoes. They appeared in the UK at the end of the eighties, and throughout the nineties no self-respecting sandwich cafe or restaurant…[Read more]

Food for the weekend (9) – Peaches with raspberry sauce – 9 June 11

I look forward to making this every summer. It takes no time at all, and yet, when you serve it up to friends at the end of a meal, there…[Read more]

Food for the weekend (8): Garlic-stuffed chicken with mushroom risotto

Since making the asparagus risotto on the 21 May, I have got a bit obsessional about the process, and think I have perfected this one with mushrooms. Fresh tarragon is…[Read more]