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Coutume Cafe – Paris

In London the influence of Melbourne on the café scene has been strong and prolific for a good five years now. There are enough independent coffee bars with serious guys…[Read more]


Nanashi, Paris

Nanashi is so achingly hip, it’s almost painful. But all good for the owner, Lionel Bensemoun, also of Le Baron and La Fidelité, who must be relishing the success of…[Read more]

Expertly executed scallops

l’Hedoniste Paris

It’s not very often I write a negative review; as an ex-restaurateur I know what it’s like to have an off day, and customers are sometimes too quick to judge…[Read more]

Sunday morning chat at E5Bakehouse

E5 Bakehouse

I am obsessed by bakeries. I will go great distances (eg Du Pain et des Idées in Paris) to eat really good bread. I so much admire bakers and their…[Read more]


A Night at the Opera and Les Deux Salons

A visit to an opera implies a bit of a special occasion, mainly because of the ticket prices.  Putting on the large scale productions, involving orchestra, highly trained singers and…[Read more]

Before the lunch rush at Playtime

Playtime in Paris

London is currently leading the way, and possibly the world, with exciting new restaurants popping out of every orifice and price band. Paris knows this, and is watching with interest…[Read more]