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vanilla parsnip with frozen milk, tapioca and black olives 5

Corner Room

“Curiouser and curiouser” I mumbled to myself as I attempted to get into the building in which I knew my destination was located. I arrived at the old Town Hall…[Read more]

Starting out in the restaurant game – 29 May 11

People have definite views about owning restaurants; divided into two camps: those who would never touch one with a bargepole, and others for whom the idea of being le patron…[Read more]

Postcards from Brazil and Argentina (3) – 3 April 11

A Macabre Spectacle in Buenos Aires There’s something visceral about Buenos Aires. Whether it’s the dark intensity of the tango, or their tragic economic history, a kind of  bittersweet sensuality…[Read more]

Venetian fantasy – 12 June 10

Until the mid 19th century, Italy was a patchwork boot in the Mediterranean, comprising individual states; none more autonomous than Venice. The fairy-like Renaissance city, magically built on stilts, remains…[Read more]