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Babaji Istanbul Pide Salonu

Since Wagamama, Hakkasan and Yauatcha, Alan Yau seems to be making it increasingly tricky to pronounce the names of his enterprises. The last one, a Bangkok cafe called NaamYaa, maybe…[Read more]

Bruno and his team

Grain Store Kings Cross

The January before last, the restaurant critic AA Gill declared 2012 to be the year of the vegetable. In the event, this prediction did not materialise as it was instead…[Read more]

No need for a sign

Septime – Paris

I don’t much like booking weeks ahead for a restaurant. Necessary perhaps when there’s a special occasion or a group of people to get together, but otherwise, to have to…[Read more]


Dafna’s Cheesecake Factory

You can find cupcakes with complex flavour combinations in abundance at farmers’ markets, and as elaborate showpieces in shop windows in sophisticated cafĂ©s, with prices to match, but what about…[Read more]


Nanashi, Paris

Nanashi is so achingly hip, it’s almost painful. But all good for the owner, Lionel Bensemoun, also of Le Baron and La FidelitĂ©, who must be relishing the success of…[Read more]

Delicately spiced Lentil Veloute

Merci – Paris on tap (2)

Merci, a much written about enterprise in Paris 3eme, combines two marketable qualities: style and altruism. The building is cool; a former factory with an old red Fiat 500 visible…[Read more]

Paul A Young – chocolate artisan – 19 June 11

Chocolate has always been associated with luxury. It has a quality which induces the hormone serotonin, and therefore a feeling of well being. Mayan and Aztec civilisations made drinks from…[Read more]


Food for the weekend (10) – Tomato confit – 17 June 11

I’ve never been a great fan of sun-dried tomatoes. They appeared in the UK at the end of the eighties, and throughout the nineties no self-respecting sandwich cafe or restaurant…[Read more]

Fashion, celebrities and eating out – 20 Feb 11

In case you missed it, London Fashion Week is upon us. This involves a lot of people standing outside in the cold trying to get in to Somerset House to…[Read more]

Art, Fashion and Sketch at the Royal Academy – 5 Dec 10

London is well known for multi-culturalism, which usually refers to its diverse ethnic population. But what it’s also good at is putting on exhibitions that cross boundaries. Aware: Art Fashion…[Read more]