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Coutume Cafe – Paris

In London the influence of Melbourne on the café scene has been strong and prolific for a good five years now. There are enough independent coffee bars with serious guys…[Read more]

Brilliant in neon

Brill Exmouth Market

Exmouth Market is a veritable mecca of critically acclaimed cafés, laid back restaurants and street food: Caravan, Moro and Morito, Gail’s Bakery sit amidst all the delicious smells from the…[Read more]


The Delaunay Counter

The Delaunay Counter from the Wolseley stable does not look like your average takeaway. There are suited managers to greet on entry, and to talk you through the system, particularly…[Read more]

Coffee and music notes

Notes Music and Coffee

I was stopped in my tracks passing this one in St Martins Lane last week. How had it passed under my radar? There is no shortage of venues in London…[Read more]

Princi – A Wardour Street institution – 25 June 11

What is it with the Italians and food? The cooking is very far from being haute, and yet their enthusiasm for it is boundless. It is also a great leveller….[Read more]

Pardoe and Wood – 5 June 2011

You might think it madness to set up a new sandwich bar chain, in this already saturated market. But when I passed Pardoe and Wood‘s second branch in Grays Inn…[Read more]

Postcards from Brazil and Argentina (1) – 20 Mar 11

It”s all about the Cuts The way cuts are made are crucial to the result. I’m not talking about the economy here but culinary skills. Sushi is all the rage…[Read more]

Gail’s Artisan Bakery -10 Dec 10

Exmouth Market is no longer a market, but instead a haven of foodie venues. You start at Caravan by Farringdon Rd which now overflows with people day and night, and…[Read more]

Gelupo nella Bocca- 31 August 10

The leaves aren’t quite falling, but there is a pre-Autumnal tone to the soft sunshine, as I walk through Soho today. Princi is only gently full at lunchtime, and those…[Read more]

Are London Streets really paved with gold? – 6 July 10

You could be forgiven for thinking so. Suddenly it’s summer – the UK is lulled into the relaxed swing of warm sunny days. It’s just like “abroad”, and with weather…[Read more]