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The beautiful Dana with her argan oil

Speciality Fine Food Fair 2012

The Speciality Fine Food Fair at Olympia heralds the beginning of the Autumn food trade fair season, on the first weekend of September every year. It is too early for…[Read more]

Beautiful cod skin looking like lava rock

Taste of London

I’m at risk of losing favour here, but I just didn’t get this event. The idea of queuing up to get a taster of fine cooking on a paper plate…[Read more]

Squeezing in

The Espresso Room

It is clear that the “Friends” style of drinking large mugs of tasteless milky coffee drinks in spacious lounges is passé. For one thing, the business model does not stack…[Read more]

This way for a stunning show

Beauty in the Making

This subject is a bit off piste for this blog, but there is a connection as I will explain later. Yesterday, I was searching for Ben Townsend to take a…[Read more]


Zucca (and Gilbert and George)

It is well nigh impossible to get a table at Zucca on a Saturday night without booking many weeks in advance. But the latest branch of Jay Jopling’s White Cube…[Read more]

Mouthwatering Beckleberry pastry

Speciality Fine Food Fair 2011

Despite the recession, the Speciality Fine Food Fair, has continued to expand, and this year had the most visitors ever. This is a cheering thought for us all: that quality…[Read more]

Real Food Festival – 16 May 2011

I made a mistake of going to this food fair at Earl’s Court last weekend on Saturday. Crowds of people out for the day blocked the aisles gathered in groups…[Read more]

No hospitality at the Hospitality Show – 4 Feb 11

You would think that the food and drink offering at a catering trade exhibition might at the very least be acceptable, wouldn’t you? But at the Hospitality Show at the…[Read more]