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La Ferme London

In case you thought there were more than enough restaurants at the Farringdon road end of Exmouth Market, let me introduce you to another one. Quietly over the last 2…[Read more]

The beautiful Dana with her argan oil

Speciality Fine Food Fair 2012

The Speciality Fine Food Fair at Olympia heralds the beginning of the Autumn food trade fair season, on the first weekend of September every year. It is too early for…[Read more]

French goat cheeses in perfect condition

La Fromagerie

It’s too long since I haven’t been (as the French say) to La Fromagerie in Marylebone. Patricia Michelson’s emporium of gastro delights has expanded into next door on Moxon Street…[Read more]

Beautiful cod skin looking like lava rock

Taste of London

I’m at risk of losing favour here, but I just didn’t get this event. The idea of queuing up to get a taster of fine cooking on a paper plate…[Read more]

Happiness by London Fields

Happy Kitchen

Perhaps one of the surprising things about the independent restaurant and cafe scene in London is its sense of community. You only have join in the conversation on Twitter to…[Read more]

Mouthwatering Beckleberry pastry

Speciality Fine Food Fair 2011

Despite the recession, the Speciality Fine Food Fair, has continued to expand, and this year had the most visitors ever. This is a cheering thought for us all: that quality…[Read more]

Produce stores and delicatessens – 4 January 11

The French have a visceral relationship with food, and are probably the only nation who could make death and eating into a cinematic art form. La Grande Bouffe, directed by…[Read more]

La Bandiera olive oil – 7 Dec 10

Although many of us would like to source all products locally, climate change will have to exert its upward pressure for a good few years yet before the UK is…[Read more]

Shelf stacking – 15 Nov 10

If you can’t find a proper job, you can always stack the shelves in Tesco. That is the fallback suggested to many graduates failing to find jobs in the present…[Read more]

Viva Italia 2! – 19 July 09

Still in the Italian mood, I was looking for something delicious and light to have at home last night after the second night of the Proms; La Tua Pasta in the Brunswick Centre…[Read more]