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Reminiscent of a Cornish caff

Bonnie Gull

Pop ups are a good idea. For the novelty and ephemerality element obviously, but also from a practical point of view. You can try out an idea first before committing…[Read more]

No need for a sign

Septime – Paris

I don’t much like booking weeks ahead for a restaurant. Necessary perhaps when there’s a special occasion or a group of people to get together, but otherwise, to have to…[Read more]

High ceilings at Caravan Kings X

Caravan Kings Cross

It’s hard to think it’s only just over 2 years since Caravan opened its doors at the end of Exmouth Market. The pared-down recycled look combined with a relaxed all…[Read more]

Pineapple decadently lit


Shrimpy’s has been open a couple of months now – a good time to visit after the razmataz has settled. The owners of Bistrotheque, Pablo Flack and David Waddington, are…[Read more]

After a long and comfortable lunch...

Brasserie Zedel

It takes guts to open a restaurant in a basement these days, but this is no ordinary basement. The master practitioners of the art of hospitality, Jeremy King and Chris…[Read more]

Concentration in front of the wood fired oven

Princi Pizzeria

Princi in Wardour Street has been evolving nicely over 4 years. It never needs to shout about itself in the press, as the hordes of switched on Italian tourists and…[Read more]


The 10 Cases

A recession throws up all sorts of hubris, and for some reason, in spite of the well documented riskiness, a plethora of restaurant start ups. In London, there have been…[Read more]

This way for a stunning show

Beauty in the Making

This subject is a bit off piste for this blog, but there is a connection as I will explain later. Yesterday, I was searching for Ben Townsend to take a…[Read more]


Brunswick House Cafe

The idea of eating surrounded by antiques is not new. In the eighties an eccentric couple ran a restaurant called the Gasworks in Fulham. The food was dubious (lots of…[Read more]


Coutume Cafe – Paris

In London the influence of Melbourne on the cafĂ© scene has been strong and prolific for a good five years now. There are enough independent coffee bars with serious guys…[Read more]