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Bruno and his team

Grain Store Kings Cross

The January before last, the restaurant critic AA Gill declared 2012 to be the year of the vegetable. In the event, this prediction did not materialise as it was instead…[Read more]

Chick pea ribollito with pesto

Food for a working foodie

We all know that preparing food is time-consuming, and even the foodiest among us foodies occasionally just long to be cooked for. At the end of a long day of…[Read more]

No need for a sign

Septime – Paris

I don’t much like booking weeks ahead for a restaurant. Necessary perhaps when there’s a special occasion or a group of people to get together, but otherwise, to have to…[Read more]

Bagpipes at sunset

Postcards from India (1) – Ananda in the Himalayas

It’s difficult to pigeon hole Ananda, because it is unlike any other spa or retreat I have come across. Was I going to an ashram? I was asked before going…[Read more]

Expertly executed scallops

l’Hedoniste Paris

It’s not very often I write a negative review; as an ex-restaurateur I know what it’s like to have an off day, and customers are sometimes too quick to judge…[Read more]

A bird in the hand...

The Power of Twitter

I’ve never really “got” Facebook. It is useful for following one’s gap year globetrotting offspring, as they download photos of their adventures into the ether, but for business? Is the…[Read more]

Starting out in the restaurant game – 29 May 11

People have definite views about owning restaurants; divided into two camps: those who would never touch one with a bargepole, and others for whom the idea of being le patron…[Read more]