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Postcards from Brazil and Argentina (5) – 15 April 11

The art of Argentine catering This is the last post from the Southern Hemisphere. I’m writing this back in London, but half my brain is still in Buenos Aires; it’s…[Read more]

The art of catering – 8 Mar 11

Trustees of art galleries and museums have a choice when selecting an operator. On the face of it, employing a cafe manager might seem sensible – surely the institution then…[Read more]

Art, Fashion and Sketch at the Royal Academy – 5 Dec 10

London is well known for multi-culturalism, which usually refers to its diverse ethnic population. But what it’s also good at is putting on exhibitions that cross boundaries. Aware: Art Fashion…[Read more]

An oasis in South London – 2 August 10

The South London Gallery is a serious journey for Central Londoners who expect everything to be accessible in a maximum of 20 minutes, but well worth the trip, even just…[Read more]

Let Them Eat Cake – 24 Jan 10

Last Tuesday, I attended a lunch of mentors from the Hospitality Department of the Oxford Brookes Business School. My neighbour at this pleasant occasion at Home House and I got…[Read more]