How I can help

Starting Up

As I’ve started several cafes and restaurants of my own from scratch, I can help with every part of the start up process.

I’m happy to work on the whole project to opening or just parts where you feel your knowledge is lacking. If you’re an experienced chef, you probably won’t need me to help with the kitchen or menu, but might still want help on the front of house and overall budget.

Monitoring Performance

It’s 6 months in and things are not going as well as you hoped. Don’t worry, I’ve been there. You’re probably committed to a lease, and borrowings which seem to increase by the week. The last thing you probably feel like doing is spending more money on advice, but it may be money well spent, if it gets you back on the right course.

So how can I help?

The first step is to have a chat on the phone.¬†You’ve got to feel I’m the sort of person who can share your vision. I’ve started many restaurant, cafe and food shop premises of my own from scratch, built them up and then sold them on. I can therefore help with every part of the process: advising on premises, budgeting, fitting out, branding, menus, staff recruitment, as little or as much as you want. That’s what we’d talk about on that call, while you give me a brief outline of your project and what you’re looking for in a consultant.

Many of things I do regularly are listed on the page MY WORK.

What about the cost?

I mostly work on an ad hoc hourly/daily basis, this being the most flexible format. If a set fee arrangement seems more appropriate for the task, I can work on that basis too.

But no charge for an introductory chat on the phone.